Epsom Salt For Life

I recently discovered epsom salt and I’ve been finding more and more ways to incorporate it into my life.

Not familiar with Epsom Salt? It’s a naturally occurring salt that contains high levels of magnesium. Magnesium is crucial is supporting healthy liver, kidney and digestive functions. I’ve also discovered some incredible skincare perks to using the salt.

How to use:

– Salt Soak: fill a warm bath and pour 2-3 cups of epsom salt under the running water. Rest in the water for anywhere between 15 and 20 minutes. This is actually one of the best ways to use the high-magnesium property of the salt as magnesium is easily absorbed through the skin. Epsom salt baths can also reduce stress and tension in the body. Here’s an unexpected perk, after an epsom salt bath my skin is left softer and more youthful feeling than ever.

Salt Scrub: Mixing a bit of the salt into your face wash in the morning once or twice a week can softly exfoliate your face without being overly harsh as the salt will desolve quickly with the warmth from your skin. It can also be used as a daily lip scrub. Put a bit of it onto a warm damp washcloth or even just use your finger to rub it into your lips.

Cleansing Detox: I personally haven’t done this, so I’m hesitant to go into detail about it as I haven’t experienced the results first hand. However, a primary use for epsom salt can be in a deep-body detox by drinking it for a few hours after a 12 hour fast. If you’re interested in this detoxing property of the salt, I would do your own research and when needed, consult your doctor.

Where can you get epsom salt? Almost anywhere, most supermarkets and health food / organic stores will sell it. Don’t be fooled by glamorous packaging and added ingredients that can cost $15-$40 for a small-ish container. Epsom salt is best used in it’s pure form without added ingredients, and it’s dirt cheap. A very large bag of it costs around $5.00. Enjoy!



The difference between UK and American makeup trends

Having now lived in the UK for over a year (OMG!!!) I think I’ve been here long enough to make a few judgements.

Makeup in the UK is nothing like it is in the US. Here in London, people like it heavy, harsh and visible from about a mile away – sort of! Check out my video below on the top 5 differences between makeup in the UK and America.


BB Cream Basics


Even people who consider themselves to know a lot about makeup often ask me what exactly a BB cream is.

To put it simply, a BB cream is a skin perfecting makeup, much like a traditional foundation but there are a few very key differences to know.

  1. They not only correct skin color and even skin-tone but they also moisturize the skin and act as their own primer so no makeup primer is needed when applying (actually it would limit the effects of the BB to use a makeup base / primer before application because it would reduce the BB’s moisturizing capabilities.)
  2. They usually come in 2 – 3 shades, unlike a foundation that will come in a range of 10+ colors – don’t be afraid of this, they usually blend into the skin’s natural color quite naturally.
  3. They are sometimes sold in the skin care section, both at higher-end retailers like Sephora as well as at drugstores, they can often be found not in the makeup department but alongside the moisturizers, so be sure to not overlook them!
  4. They (often) cost less than foundation not to mention they cost way less if buying them allows you to also save on primers and moisturizers (although I do NOT recommend not purchasing a moisturizer because you should always be deeply moisturizing the skin each night before bed)

If you’re someone, like me, who loves applying makeup and taking the time each day to perfect each layer than I would say that a BB cream is probably not for you. However, if you ever feel rushed to get ready in the morning or are curious about an alternative to traditional makeup definitely give the BB cream a shot, who knows it could change your life!

Best Makeup of 2016

Looking back on 2016 I wanted to make a list of my best-of makeup for the entire year. All of the products mentioned have hyperlinks to where they can be bought online.

Makeup PrimerTarte ‘Flawless’  this makeup primer is silicon and glycerin free so if you’re worried about applying damaging chemicals to your face, look no further. Not only that, it really protects the skin from all the makeup that we put on after, foundation, powders etc while giving the skin a healthy lit-from-within glow. The product itself is transluscent / white with a purple undertone that serves to brighten the skin and make foundation look more natural than other primers that I’ve found.

FoundationUrban Decay Naked Skin – This foundation is on the expensive side but each bottle lasts around 2 months of daily use and the texture, finish, and wearability of it is better than any other foundation I have ever tried in my life. This is the one foundation that I have come back to and repurchased for about 4 years in a row now. No other foundation can compete to the glowing, almost translucent yet good coverage effect that this one creates. It looks like perfected skin, not makeup.

EyelinerKat Von Tattoo Liquid Eyeliner Eyeliner – much like the beloved Stilla 24-hour liquid eyeliner, when this is applied it will keep its color and precision until its removed at the end of the day. I would say the finish is identical for these two liquid eyeliners except the Kat Von D eyeliner has a tip that stays pointy for longer, which means that even after a few months of use, the pen applicator itself will still create a sharp, perfect line.

BlushToo Faced Sweethearts Blush – this entire range of blushes looks shimmery and bright in the packaging but when it’s applied to the skin it leaves the most natural and glowy true blush that I’ve ever found.

ContourNYX Concealer in ‘Nutmeg’ – I’m not sure why I decided to try a dark concealer as my contour but this one has simple easy to transport and apply packaging and can be easily blended into a natural bronzed color in the skin as well as built up for a darker or lighter contour as desired! Not to mention it costs less than $10.00 and my first bottle lasted me nearly 6-months of (almost) daily use.

HighlighterBecca ‘Champagne Pop’ – it’s a powder highlighter that leaves an almost glossy iridescent finish to the high points of the face – it doesn’t crumble, cake or draw attention to any imperfections as some shimmery highlighters do. It also is a smooth even texture without any unflattering glittery chunks.



Anti-New Years Makeup

Is it just me or are the New Years makeup looks that people are wearing getting more and more ridiculous. Glitter from your eyebrows to your cheekbones and over-bright lips might look good in a filtered Instagram picture but in real life there is nothing flattering about caking on all those excessive textures and colors.

Check out my recommendation for the most flattering ‘anti-new years’ makeup look, perfect for ringing in 2017 or any time you want a bold look that will actually look good.


Your Perfect Skin is One Product Away

Skincare and anti-aging has a secret weapon that you should really know about. It’s called Egyptian Magic.

This inconspicuous skin saver isn’t too easy to come across in-store, however I’ve seen it at a few Whole Foods and even once in an Other Stories store in London. The best way to buy it is online either on their own website or at Amazon. The makers themselves describe the product as “a phenomenal healing balm with legendary powers due to its unique mixture of all natural ingredients derived only from living plants and organisms” – describing a skin ointment as having legendary powers might seem a bit excessive but seriously, this stuff works. Continue reading

Holiday Glam Makeup

‘Tis the season for holiday parties! The best Christmas accessory is the perfect makeup. This is no time to do your everyday routine. After all, when else can you pair a red lip with glittering gold eyeshadow without looking over the top?

Check out my video below to get the look.



It really is the most wonderful time of the year!

Seven Sins

These are seven absolutely ‘deadly’ makeup sins that too many people fall prey to.

1.) Forgetting to exfoliate your lips.

Every morning before applying your makeup take a clean mascara wand and some lip balm or vaseline and rub the wand along your lips. The rough texture will pull off the dead skin that has built up over night and the vaseline or balm will prevent abrasion and moisturize your lips at the same time.

Tip: Pick up a few mascara tester wands the next time you’re at your local department store, Ulta or Sephora. If you don’t want the hassle, just buy them in bulk online.

2.) Not applying makeup to your eyebrows. 

No matter how strong your natural brow game is, everyone can benefit from a little powder, pencil or at the very least some clear brow-gel. Whether it be to fill in gaps or create added definition there is always room for improvement on the eyebrows. Even on no-makeup days, take a few moments to clean up or perfect your brows and you will see what a difference it makes in giving you a polished appearance

3.) Skimping on high-quality foundation. 

We wear foundation to perfect our skin, even the tone, or cover blemishes and discoloration. In general, inexpensive foundations are loaded with chemicals that can do long and short term damage to your face. In the end you will be trying to cover up skin problems that you wouldn’t have in the first place if you we’re using a foundation that is formulated without paragons, sulfates and phthalates. I love the YSL “Le Teint Touche Éclat – Illuminating Foundation” as well as the Urban Decay “Naked Skin Weightless” foundation.

Tip: When shopping for foundation, it’s easy to find an online retailer (I prefer Sephora.com) that sells the products you want and lists the ingredients so you can know what’s inside your makeup before you invest.

4.) Using only one color of concealer. 

Why? Hiding dark circles under your eyes requires a color that is generally one shade lighter than your natural skin, or slightly yellow or peach in tone. Covering an active blemish should be done with a concealer that is a half-shade darker than your skin and slightly greener in tone. The logic is simple, under your eyes we want to cancel grey or purple tones so you need a light, contrasting concealer to do the job. However, when covering up dark or protruding blemishes, a light concealer can actually draw the eye to the area. This is because light areas look as though they are protruding outwards whereas dark areas sink backwards, which allows the eye to pass over the blemish.

5.) Not ‘setting’ your makeup.

Whether it be winter or summer using a makeup setting spray after applying your makeup (especially powder products) will help that makeup up blend flawlessly into the skin and stay put all day or night. A makeup setting spray may seem like an unnecessary expense, but the products themselves should last you months of daily use! Try the Urban Decay “Stay All Day” makeup setting spray – trust me, your makeup will thank you.

6.) Applying makeup to unclean skin or with unclean hands.

There is no point in taking your time to put makeup on your skin if you haven’t washed it beforehand. Preferably washed, toned, and moisturized. Not only can makeup appear caked onto the skin if it hasn’t been properly cleaned, but without clean skin you risk lodging dirt and bacteria in your pores when you apply makeup that can cause breakouts during the day. Not to mention that a moisturized face will help your makeup glide on smoothly and stay all day.

7.) Not removing all makeup before bed. 

The last and worst makeup sin is not completely removing your makeup and cleansing your face before bed each night. Giving your skin a chance to breathe is crucial to long-term skin health and beauty. Now, I don’t recommend using makeup removing wipes because they can tug and pull on your skin, which can lead to premature aging especially around the eye area! Go for a liquid makeup remover or oil such as the Boscia “Makeup-Breakup Cool Cleansing Oil” or Dermablend’s “Long Wear Makeup Remover” (both favorites of mine that won’t break you out) If you don’t want to invest in a makeup remover you can even do this by literally washing your face twice with your cleanser. You read that right. Wash your face as you normally do, dry it, and wash it again.