UNICORN TOAST – 2 minute vegan recipe

I’ve fallen in love with the unicorn trend. In my opinion, everything should be rainbow and cute because let’s face it, cute things are just better.

I decided to make my own vegan unicorn toast and it only took two minutes!

Check out my video on how to make it for yourself or read on to see the written recipe.

unicorn toast blog

You will need:

  • Toast
  • Food coloring (I suggest a minimum of 3 colours)
  • Coconut yogurt (vegan) OR regular yogurt, cream cheese, whatever you prefer!
  • Bowls or plates to mix the colors in
  • Sprinkles (optional but YES)

Step 1 – Toast your bread

Step 2 – Put a layer of plain, uncolored yogurt (or whatever you chose) onto your bread as the base

Step 3 – Mix the colors into your yogurt in seperate bowls

Step 4 – Spread the colors one by one onto the toast (I suggest starting with your least favorite color and moving to your most favorite color last because the last color put on will be the most visible

Step 5 – Blend your colors all around


Step 7 – Enjoy


It’s easy as that – happy unicorning!


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