Decluttering your life for a decluttered mind.


It’s not easy to let go of things that we are used to keeping.

What it comes down to is changing the habit to hold onto things. I’m not perfect – I like to keep things. Just in case… I’ve learned to ask myself more frequently, why am I keeping this item in my space. Is it because I actually NEED it? Most often the answer is – I might need it someday.

Well, someday is not today. Today seems dramatic but I’ve learned to ask myself – have I used this item in the last 2 weeks and if not will I use it in the next 1 week. If the answer is no to both, get rid of it!

That might seem a bit abstract so let me make a little list of things to help get you started. For each of the following, ask yourself if you have it, if you’ve used it recently if you’ll use it very soon from now.

  1. Half used or unused perfume (or perfume that isn’t your favorite)
  2. Half used or unused makeup (same as above)
  3. Cooking ingredients and spices that sit around
  4. Tea bags that you don’t like
  5. Travel sized cosmetics, throw away toothbrushes, combs, creams
  6. ‘Nice’ shopping bags from luxury stores
  7. Empty jars / too much tupperware
  8. Mismatched or worn-down costume jewelry
  9. Costumes or ‘novelty’ clothing of any kind
  10. Books that you don’t plan to read again

This is just a basic list that could be helpful in triggering your ability to clean and clear your space and soon your mind. It might seem over-dramatic but I’ve truly found cleaning my items and minimizing my belongings to be incredibly therapeutic in the long run. Give it a try and good luck!


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