Lifehack: Stretch out Tight Shoes

In my opinion there is literally nothing worse than paying for something that you can’t use. I’ve found myself in this position one too many times with buying shoes that are too tight. I try them on in-store and they fit perfectly. When I take them home and walk around with them for the first time (making them un-returnable once worn) somehow it’s like they’ve shrunk two sizes overnight!

For this reason I’ve become the master at stretching out shoes that are too small. Here’s how to do it.


  • take a shoe tree (in picture) – wooden works better than plastic
  • shove them into your shoes as far as they will go
  • proceed to heat the shoes with a blowdryer on maximum heat (focus on the areas of the shoe that felt tight when walking around)
  • heat the shoes for 30 seconds at a time and then try to push the shoe tree in further
  • do this 10 – 15 times
  • let the shoes sit overnight with the shoe tree inside


(this method is ideal for anyone who has a blowdryer but no shoe horn)

  • put on 2-3 pairs of thick socks
  • put your too tight shoes on (this will not be comfortable)
  • blast the shoes in the tightest spots with the blowdryer on high heat
  • wiggle your toes as you do this
  • repeat this 10-15 times or as long as you can bare the feeling
  • once done, bunch up the socks and shove them into the shoes – leave them overnight


  • fill two large plastic baggies with water 3/5 of the way full (be sure not to put too much water in)
  • insert the sealed baggies into your shoes – put them in as deep as they will go
  • put your shoes with the water baggies inside into the freezer – let them freeze overnight
  • the next day pull out the baggies (the water in the bags will expand when frozen, stretching out your shoes)

If none of these seem to do the trick you can always take your shoes to a cobbler who will certainly be able to stretch them for you. Be sure to remember that leather will stretch more than synthetics!

Good luck xx




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