BB Cream Basics


Even people who consider themselves to know a lot about makeup often ask me what exactly a BB cream is.

To put it simply, a BB cream is a skin perfecting makeup, much like a traditional foundation but there are a few very key differences to know.

  1. They not only correct skin color and even skin-tone but they also moisturize the skin and act as their own primer so no makeup primer is needed when applying (actually it would limit the effects of the BB to use a makeup base / primer before application because it would reduce the BB’s moisturizing capabilities.)
  2. They usually come in 2 – 3 shades, unlike a foundation that will come in a range of 10+ colors – don’t be afraid of this, they usually blend into the skin’s natural color quite naturally.
  3. They are sometimes sold in the skin care section, both at higher-end retailers like Sephora as well as at drugstores, they can often be found not in the makeup department but alongside the moisturizers, so be sure to not overlook them!
  4. They (often) cost less than foundation not to mention they cost way less if buying them allows you to also save on primers and moisturizers (although I do NOT recommend not purchasing a moisturizer because you should always be deeply moisturizing the skin each night before bed)

If you’re someone, like me, who loves applying makeup and taking the time each day to perfect each layer than I would say that a BB cream is probably not for you. However, if you ever feel rushed to get ready in the morning or are curious about an alternative to traditional makeup definitely give the BB cream a shot, who knows it could change your life!


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