Best Makeup of 2016

Looking back on 2016 I wanted to make a list of my best-of makeup for the entire year. All of the products mentioned have hyperlinks to where they can be bought online.

Makeup PrimerTarte ‘Flawless’  this makeup primer is silicon and glycerin free so if you’re worried about applying damaging chemicals to your face, look no further. Not only that, it really protects the skin from all the makeup that we put on after, foundation, powders etc while giving the skin a healthy lit-from-within glow. The product itself is transluscent / white with a purple undertone that serves to brighten the skin and make foundation look more natural than other primers that I’ve found.

FoundationUrban Decay Naked Skin – This foundation is on the expensive side but each bottle lasts around 2 months of daily use and the texture, finish, and wearability of it is better than any other foundation I have ever tried in my life. This is the one foundation that I have come back to and repurchased for about 4 years in a row now. No other foundation can compete to the glowing, almost translucent yet good coverage effect that this one creates. It looks like perfected skin, not makeup.

EyelinerKat Von Tattoo Liquid Eyeliner Eyeliner – much like the beloved Stilla 24-hour liquid eyeliner, when this is applied it will keep its color and precision until its removed at the end of the day. I would say the finish is identical for these two liquid eyeliners except the Kat Von D eyeliner has a tip that stays pointy for longer, which means that even after a few months of use, the pen applicator itself will still create a sharp, perfect line.

BlushToo Faced Sweethearts Blush – this entire range of blushes looks shimmery and bright in the packaging but when it’s applied to the skin it leaves the most natural and glowy true blush that I’ve ever found.

ContourNYX Concealer in ‘Nutmeg’ – I’m not sure why I decided to try a dark concealer as my contour but this one has simple easy to transport and apply packaging and can be easily blended into a natural bronzed color in the skin as well as built up for a darker or lighter contour as desired! Not to mention it costs less than $10.00 and my first bottle lasted me nearly 6-months of (almost) daily use.

HighlighterBecca ‘Champagne Pop’ – it’s a powder highlighter that leaves an almost glossy iridescent finish to the high points of the face – it doesn’t crumble, cake or draw attention to any imperfections as some shimmery highlighters do. It also is a smooth even texture without any unflattering glittery chunks.




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