Your Perfect Skin is One Product Away

Skincare and anti-aging has a secret weapon that you should really know about. It’s called Egyptian Magic.

This inconspicuous skin saver isn’t too easy to come across in-store, however I’ve seen it at a few Whole Foods and even once in an Other Stories store in London. The best way to buy it is online either on their own website or at Amazon. The makers themselves describe the product as “a phenomenal healing balm with legendary powers due to its unique mixture of all natural ingredients derived only from living plants and organisms” – describing a skin ointment as having legendary powers might seem a bit excessive but seriously, this stuff works.

What it does – literally everything, it moisturizes, prevents new wrinkles, fills in existing wrinkles, heals cracked skin, and creates a dewy, youthful and long-lasting glow to wherever it’s applied.

How I use it – Egyptian Magic is thick almost like a vaseline so use I it sparingly. A single jar can last me 6 months. Each night I apply it thickly around my entire eye area and lips, allowing it to slowly absorb overnight. When I want a bit of additional daily moisture I ad a pea-sized amount to my usual cream and apply it all over my face, neck and decollate. (When I want my skin to have even more glow I apply it gently onto the tops of my cheekbones and cupids bow over my makeup. When applied onto of makeup, the product will not seep into the skin, creating an incredible dewy soft, baby-like finish to any desired parts of the skin)

The original jar is $39.00 for 4oz but they also have a new small sized jar (2oz) for $26.00 dollars.


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