Fit Girl’s Fridge Guide

Trying to eat well and stay fit is impscreen-shot-2016-12-22-at-1-31-57-pmossible if you don’t keep your fridge stocked with the right foods. No matter how disciplined you are, if you’re hungry and there’s nothing
around you’re more likely to go for a fast an convenient option like ordering in. Not only are you more likely to go for a less healthy option when ordering in but you
also don’t know all of the ingredients in your meal.

The best way to avoid this fattening fate is to keep your own home stocked with the right foods. Here are five foods every fit girl needs to keep socked in her fridge

  • Lettuce and (low calorie) dressing – with fresh lettuce in plain sight you’ll be more inclined to make a salad than anything else and since lettuce doesn’t keep very long once it’s washed you’ll want to use it up even faster – it’s the perfect motivation when you’re picking between a salad or a sandwich!
  • Avocado – avocado is an ideal salad ingredient as the fats and oils in it will encourage you to use less dressing if you want something a bit heartier it’s perfect on top of toast as a side or snack
  • Stiff raw tofu – Raw tofu is a fantastic protein source that you won’t have to cook – you can buy it at nearly any supermarket these days and it can be added to any dish like a stir fry, pasta, or salad (unopened it can also keep fresh for weeks so unlike chicken or fish it won’t run the risk of going bad!)
  • Frozen vegetables – believe it or not but frozen veggies actually often contain more nutrients and vitamins than fresh ones because they are frozen at their ideal ripeness. They can be microwaved or steamed and are great on their own or mixed in with pasta or as a side to a meal.
  • Baked sweet potatoes – sweet potatoes can be baked in large batches of 4 or 5 and will keep fresh, even when cooked, in the refrigerator for up to a week, which is great because they can be eaten on their own, as a side or tossed in with a salad. Sweet potatoes are just starchy enough to satisfy those carbohydrate cravings that we all have but won’t add to your waistline like a bread or pasta will!
  • Cereal or instant oatmeal – I’ve written a lot about the importance of a good breakfast but having simple breakfast foods around like these will encourage you to not skip the meal and will lead you to have a more productive and healthier day. If you want to read more about why you’ll have a better day with breakfast click here.
  • Fresh fruit – I tend to stock bananas and oranges more than anything else because they can be bought cheaply and don’t need to be washed, like most fruit, before eating them. Typically they also contain far fewer pesticides and harmful chemicals that can coat other fruit like apples and berries so these tend to be my way to go. Fruit is a great snack or dessert and can tide you over until the next meal!

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