It’s Not Complicated – Eat Your Breakfast

These days it seems like no one takes the time to eat a proper breakfast. When people do claim to have had breakfast it usually sounds something like  ‘oh I’ve had an apple’ or ‘just a piece of toast.’ From what I can tell, very few people eat a big breakfast in the morning but let me tell you why you should:

  1. You will increase your metabolism. Seriously, is there any better argument? It’s been proven, eating a complex breakfast with high protein, fat and carbohydrates will boost your body’s metabolism by kicking itself into ‘high gear’ first thing in the morning. That means the calories you eat for breakfast don’t ‘count’ as much as you think they do!
  2. You will snack less in the afternoons. Without a big breakfast, by lunch your blood sugar will be low, which is why it will ‘spike up’ quite high during lunch. The problem with spikes in your blood-sugar levels is that you will feel great when it happens (during and just after lunch) but what goes up must come down – your blood sugar level will surge downwards leaving you feeling worse than before and more inclined to make poor food choices during the afternoon.
  3. You will really snack less in the evenings – afternoon snacking can be a bad habit but the real body-killer is late night snacking right before bed. If your body (AND BRAIN) knows that you’ll have a big breakfast in the morning it’s much easier to convince yourself that you don’t need that last late-night cookie for dessert. Let your body trust you – when you want that bowl of popcorn in front of the TV remind yourself that you’re going to eat as soon as you wake up and you won’t want it nearly as much. Also, it’s much easier to control the quality of a good breakfast in the morning than it is to control your desserts at night. (Bonus – you’ll sleep better! Digesting too much before bed can leave you in a restless sleep and more prone to waking up in the middle of the night.)

Also, can anyone deny that breakfast food is the best food? For ideas on what you should and shouldn’t eat for breakfast click here!






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