Get Free Makeup at Sephora


Makeup can be expensive! I love buying and collecting the good stuff but if I can find ways to save money on it, I will. I’ve got some pretty cool tips and tricks that you should be following if you want free makeup and products at Sephora.

1.) Become a rewards member!
Normally, I don’t sign up for rewards programs but Sephora’s is pretty great. Every dollar you spend equals 1 “point.” 100 points and you can redeem awesome deluxe samples like mini lipsticks and sample size mascara. The gifts that you can redeem are constantly changing and are always incredible quality. Also, twice a year Sephora has a sale that entitles members to 20% off anything in the store!
2.) Ask for free samples at checkout.
The cashiers won’t offer them to you unless you ask but if you ask for them they always have sample packs of skin and hair care products as well as perfume samples that they gladly (and generously) put into your bag!
3.) Take home samples.
Don’t be shy when it comes to approaching a Sephora beauty advisor and asking to try that deep cleansing face mask or hair conditioner that you’ve been meaning to buy. Before spending on an expensive new product that you aren’t sure about, the beauty advisors are happy to make a little sample for you to take home and try.
4.) Return products when you have to.
I wouldn’t normally recommend buying a product before trying it or buying something with the intention of returning it, but Sephora has an incredible return policy. You can return anything, any time as long as it is less than 40% used – you read that right… 40%! So if something is defective, or breaking your skin out, or just less than expected, definitely return it and put that money towards something else.

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